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Caving equipment

Some of the equipment used for caving will be familiar like the ropes and carabineers used for climbing, or the wet suit used for water sports

Other pieces of equipment such as the wire ladder tend to be only used for caving.

Lights, helmets and in this country warm clothing will always be required.

More specialist equipment such as static ropes and S.R.T. equipment will be less familiar.

West Sussex has a considerable amount of caving tackle which is available for Scout use, in addition we also have some S.R.T. equipment which is used for training and can be used by people who are experienced in its use on more advanced trips.

See Tackle List  page for current equipment available.

Rope Testing

We also now have access to a drop test rig which can test ropes to fall factor 1, for more information on this contact the Assistant county caving adviser.

If any more information is required on any of this or you wish to know if trips are provisionally planned for the future but have not yet been published then please contact the county caving advisers.

The County Caving Adviser would also like to hear from any experienced cavers able and willing to take others caving.